HotSpot Shield And Ultrasurf

According to Hotspot Shield review it is a useful and fast proxy service. It gives access to well encrypted array of the IP addresses. This is an extremely effective proxy service that hides users` data from others who try to intercept such data. It compresses data and allows it to move quickly to destination. Services provided by Hotspot Shield use SSL encryption. A money-back guarantee of 30 days is also a plus point for customers through which they can test it thoroughly.  It does not disclose location of its servers or IP addresses available. This can be taken as disadvantage because customers are not aware of the choices that they can made for changing their IP addresses and for switching between servers.  But this can be taken as a plus point from security point of view.


Proxy services from Hotspot Shield provide unlimited bandwidth for users as revealed by Hotspot Shield review. Limitation on this bandwidth is imposed by internet service-providers. Hotspot shield only offers Open VPN connection for VPN. This connection is considered to be most secure & stable connection as compared to PPTP and LT2P. Tests of this application were obvious as Google was unable to identify the proxy browser. According to Hotspot Shield review your IP addresses are effectively hidden by Hotspot shield. Instead of your actual IP address, there will appear location and IP address of the proxy server. For data transmitting proprietary data-compression can be used.  As a result of its use data size decreases and it moves quickly from computer to the destination.


Hotspot shield comes with standard proxy browser feature for protection against malware. It is beneficial because it eliminates the danger of your computer getting malware and viruses.   By subscribing for only one license anonymity can be enjoyed upon 5 electronic devices. filehippo ultrasurf When using hotspot-app for Apple or Android mobile device, it can also be purchased from iTunes or Google Play. This proxy browser can also be used on Mac or PC. According to Hotspot Shield review you also get advantage for using any browser. Installation and setup is easy. For its use no configuration is required. You just have to install it. In case you want to configure it, you are provided with the option for doing so. Interface provides clear-navigation which makes the task of adjusting preferences hassle-free.

For keeping password and username anonymous, it gives access code when proxy browser is used. For those who think it difficult to use a code, they can simply log in by using their email address & password. When connection to server is made, it becomes clearly visible on interface. Red bar indicates which connection is not safe. Connect button is also present. Hotspot Shield review indicates that once users are connected they can see to which server they are connected to. They can also see the amount of data being downloading and uploading. If you like a coupon code, you can get it from.

Preferences feature makes hotspot shield connect you automatically to the proxy server. If this is not so, a warning appears which indicates that for the network you are trying to access, you should use proxy service. These preferences setup can be changed by the users themselves.